Air date: July 27, 2002

Production Code: 104

Episode SummaryEdit

Bob, Paul and Tammy explore Robot Castle to find their friends, while Sally pretends to be a beauty saleswoman to get free makeup and Sarah and Sammy make small talk.

As they go deeper and deeper into the castle, they encounter obstacles and soon find Big Bot (voice of Tony Bellette), who tries to capture them.

Sarah, Rex and Sammy go into the castle and reunite with the others as they get out. In the end, they see Sally's ugly makeover and forget to close the door to Robot Castle.

Songs: Sarah Circle, Paul The Ball, Sally Cylinder

Section headingEdit

  • This marks the first appearance of Big Bot.
  • This marks the first time Sarah's song is first and Sally's song is last.
  • This is the first episode where Paul's song is in an episode with Sally and Sarah's song.
  • Big Bot wears a patch on the right eye when we first see him, but occasionally the patch is on his left eye.
  • The trick wall in Robot Castle rotates to reveal a precipice, and only the width of Tammy Traingle's feet separates the precipice from the wall. Unless there is some centrifugal force acting on the rotating wall (and there is no such thing as centrifugal force), any of the Shapies would have lost footing during the wall rotation.
  • For a split-second during the video Follow The Leader, the Toy Box can be seen in the background. Yet the Toy Box traditionally disappears whenever the Shapies are active
  • This episode is part of a two-part episode.
  • The other songs in this episode include Follow the Leader and Big Bot.