Air Date: August 31, 2002

Production Code: 108

Episode SummaryEdit

When the Shapies discover a pile of robot parts, this gives them an idea to build stuff. Sally and Tammy fight over a piece and Tammy leaves, bitter with Sally.

Bob makes a robot, and tries to convince the others that he is in control by feeding the robot, but it only makes him stronger, and soon, it kidnaps Sally.

Rex gets Tammy to help Sally, and with Starry's help, saves Sally, and ends their feud, for now.

Songs: Sally Cylinder, Tammy Triangle


  • This is the only episode where there is only two Shapie songs.
  • This is the first episode where Sally's song is in an episode with Tammy's song.
  • This episode is a parody of King Kong (2005).
  • The other song in this episode is Build it big.