Air Date: August 3, 2002

Production Code: 105

Episode SummaryEdit

The Shapies find the other toys in a panic as Big Bot and his gang of robots takeover Zack's bedroom.

They try to make friends, but it doesn't work, so they try to see Mirror Man, but Rex distracts them, so they go inside the castle, except for Tammy.

The Shapies discover Starry's crown and go outside to find Tammy and TV Head filming a music video about the robots, which makes them more friendly and everything goes back to normal.

Songs: Paul The Ball, Rex The Rectangle, Sammy Square


  • While the Shapies don't find Starry, they do find her crown.
  • This marks the first time Paul's song is first.
  • This is the first episode where Paul's song is in an episode with Sammy and Rex's song.
  • This marks the last time Rex's song is sung until Season 2.
  • This is the conclusion of the two-part episode.
  • The other song in this episode is Big Bot.